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Your To-Do List for the New California Consumer Privacy Act

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Just when you thought you understood everything you needed to about GDPR and consumer privacy policy the California Senate and Assembly unanimously approved the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 (CCPA). Now, you need to familiarize yourself with the changes and update your business procedures, otherwise, your company could be looking at some heavy penalties, possibly even a class action.

Beyond the Handshake: Gaining Consent at Events

Best Practices | 2 min read

GDPR WENT into effect on May 25. Are you Compliant?

GDPR, or the General Data Protection Regulation, is a new set of data privacy laws regulating how companies can collect and use data of EU citizens. The regulation governs data privacy, and the penalties for noncompliance are stiff fines—not to mention the loss of your customers’ trust.

GDPR & Data Privacy Take Center Stage at Events

Best Practices | Event Analytics | Marketing Consent | Lead Capture | 3 min read

Data privacy has been trending in the media lately. From the scandal at Facebook to the enforcement of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), privacy is at the front of everyone’s mind. When everything from your shopping habits to your political affiliations is tracked online, it’s hard to deny that we have come to a turning point in the protection of our personal data—and citizens are feeling more empowered than ever to gain control of their personal information online.

Are You Ready for the Big One? 6 Steps to Event Preparedness in 2018

Best Practices | Event Analytics | 6 min read

They say the Big One could hit any day. Maybe next year, next month, or even next weekend. Are you prepared?

CES: No Power? No Problem

Event Analytics | Lead Capture | 2 min read

Epic rain in the Las Vegas desert may have put events on hold for a couple hours, but it didn’t dampen the spirits of more than 175,000 attendees at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

What’s Hot in the Event Space in 2018? Tech, Tech, Tech.

Event Industry Insights | 4 min read

As CEO of an event technology company, it goes without saying that I attend a lot of events, large and small. Having been on both sides of the booth, I’ve seen it all: fishbowls brimming with business cards, branded beer koozies and mousepads, and event technology that runs the gamut. Across all these events, one thing remains clear—the event industry is booming.

Dying to Ditch the Paper at Your Next Event? There’s an App for That

All the hard work to prepare for the Big Event is done, thanks partly to the knowledge you gained from Part 1 in our series, 5 Must-Know Tactics to Drive More Sales-Ready Leads from Events. Your organization ran a strong campaign to get existing prospects excited for your event. Key prospects that are expected to attend are identified, and you know who’s hot and who could use a little warming up. Your booth staff is prepared for how to communicate with booth visitors, thanks partly to the event lead management app your company just loaded onto their phones and tablets. Now you are all ready to capture information on prospects that could lead to more sales. And, to cap off a busy day of handshakes and information sharing, you set up an invite-only happy hour for after the event.