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Preparing for CCPA: What’s on the Horizon for Marketing Consent?

Marketing Consent | 6 min read

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) fast approaching. Here's what digital marketers need to know about this latest privacy law.

Reframing How We Look at Events: Using the Right Metrics to Evaluate Performance

Best Practices | Event Analytics | Lead Capture | 5 min read


Data is King, and events are the castle. Each event your company attends or sponsors has numerous touch points that provide you with valuable data waiting to be tracked and used to inform your strategy. According to The Freeman Data Benchmark Study, savvy marketers see the value in event data, with 89% of marketing leaders using customer collected data to make strategic decisions. However, this data can do much more, and for every department involved with your events. To get the most of your event data, we can no longer be thinking of events as a cash grab for leads. When we follow that kind of mental approach to our events, we end up convincing ourselves we have a bag full of hundred dollar bills when in reality our bag gets filled with a lot of monopoly money. Instead, we need to flip our view of events and reframe our thinking to be more data driven and value quality over quantity. The new way of looking at events is as a means of collecting lead data, not contacts.

Raise Your EQ (Event Quotient): 5 Steps to Go from Analog to Integrated

Best Practices | Event Analytics | 7 min read


Within marketing strategies, events have always been excellent but also separate opportunities to generate awareness, capture leads, check out the competition, and strengthen relationships with existing customers. As a result, our valuable event leads don’t get the attention they deserve. In fact, they don’t get the same treatment that our digital leads get. It’s time to redefine your event lead management strategy. With the right technology and processes, we can fully integrate our digital and event marketing to create a seamless, high-impact experience for event attendees that accelerate our sales.


In our recent webinar, Raising Your EQ (Event Quotient), I presented five steps to help you take events from analog to integrated, so you can reach your event marketing goals, capture qualified sales leads and prove ROI.

2019 Event Marketing Opportunities from a CEO’s Perspective

Best Practices | Event Industry Insights | 6 min read


We are in 2019 and event marketing has not slowed down yet, in fact, it looks to be ramping up according to the newest data from last year. Having been on both sides of the booth as the CEO of atEvent and a frequent attendee of trade shows, exhibitions, conferences, seminars and every other kind of event out there, I know there’s a lot to look forward to in the events space this year. For savvy businesses, the new year brings new opportunities for growth and here’s what I predict will be the biggest event marketing challenges and opportunities in 2019.


Your Account-Based Marketing Strategy Could Be Missing a Huge Piece of the Pie

ABM for Events | 5 min read


You may have already implemented it, but if your ABM strategy does not include events, it's incomplete and possibly ineffective. By now, you’ve probably heard a lot about Account-Based Marketing, as it’s a hot and powerful strategic approach to business marketing. It's based on account awareness in which a company performs a high level of customization and customer relationship management to make customers or clients feel special and exclusive. ITSMA reported that 85% of marketers that measured their ROI said their ABM outperformed other marketing investments, delivering higher returns. However, if you're starting to consider ABM or already have a well-defined ABM strategy, but you don’t have a mechanism to tie in data from events, you’re missing a huge opportunity, and one of the best tactics to move that sale down the funnel.

Garbage In, Garbage Out: The Problem with Event Lead Capture

Best Practices | Event Analytics | Lead Capture | 6 min read

Digital marketing is data-driven and analyzing digital data is how a company optimizes its efforts. But what happens when the data you want is mixed in with a bunch of garbage data? The quick answer is that you get bad, untrustworthy metrics. The long answer is much more enlightening when it comes to common lead generation methods. The problem stems from lead capture habits that cause a ripple effect throughout all of your sales efforts and muck up your metrics.

GDPR & Data Privacy Take Center Stage at Events

Best Practices | Event Analytics | Marketing Consent | Lead Capture | 3 min read

Data privacy has been trending in the media lately. From the scandal at Facebook to the enforcement of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), privacy is at the front of everyone’s mind. When everything from your shopping habits to your political affiliations is tracked online, it’s hard to deny that we have come to a turning point in the protection of our personal data—and citizens are feeling more empowered than ever to gain control of their personal information online.