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What’s Hot in the Event Space in 2018? Tech, Tech, Tech.

Event Industry Insights | 4 min read

As CEO of an event technology company, it goes without saying that I attend a lot of events, large and small. Having been on both sides of the booth, I’ve seen it all: fishbowls brimming with business cards, branded beer koozies and mousepads, and event technology that runs the gamut. Across all these events, one thing remains clear—the event industry is booming.

[INFOGRAPHIC] Tradeshow Giveaways: Goldmines or Garbage Generators?

Best Practices | Event Industry Insights

It’s a common conference sight: An organization offers a free lunch or giveaway in exchange for a badge scan or business card. While this might result in hundreds of new names for your sales team to pursue, what do you really get for your marketing spend?

Create Path from Event Planning to Sales with Event Intelligence

Best Practices | Event Industry Insights | 4 min read

At a typical medium-to-large event, your reps are engaged in dozens of conversations with prospects—whether at your booth, in a presentation, or over dinner. But only a limited amount of the intelligence gained from these interactions makes it back to the office.

Event Marketing Going Mobile

Event Industry Insights | Event Marketing | 2 min read

Did you know the average attendee at a tradeshow or event owns more than three mobile devices, and 80% of their mobile time is spent using apps? Consider the facts as you're debating what areas of your event marketing strategies to prioritize.

Check-in Time at Events is Important

Event Industry Insights | Event Marketing | 2 min read

The average visit to a company's booth at an event lasts under two minutes in total. Here's how quickly the window of opportunity to turn a visitor into a customer can pass you by.

Why You Aren’t Getting Sales-Ready Leads from Events

Best Practices | Event Industry Insights | 6 min read

In a recent straw poll taken during our webinar, Connecting the Dots from Event to Sale, 72% of attendees identified sales-ready leads as the most important event metric for their sales reps today.

Event Expert Spotlight : Colleen McLaughlin

Event Industry Insights | Event Marketing | 5 min read

We want you to come to the atEvent "In the Lead" blog to meet different influencers and trendsetters who are shaping the face of the event industry. So each month our team will be interviewing a different expert from all walks of the event industry -- event agency owners, brand marketers, lead gen and tech event experts, etc. -- to learn about their background, as well as what they're seeing out there in event land.

Old fashioned practices are destroying leads at events

Event Industry Insights | 2 min read

Although the #1 goal of companies that exhibit at events is to generate sales leads and build awareness, nearly 60% are still dependent on old fashioned practices when it comes to capturing critical prospect lead information. Practices such as business card collection and paper-based forms remain the status quo, and are resulting in companies capturing inaccurate and flawed data about prospects at events.