Check-in Time at Events is Important

Event Industry Insights, Event Marketing | 2 min read

The average visit to a company's booth at an event lasts under two minutes in total. Here's how quickly the window of opportunity to turn a visitor into a customer can pass you by.

About one minute of that time is spent checking in the visitor, while the other minute is spent on other activities and engagement with that visitor at the booth.

This means that about 50% of  time spent with visitors at events takes place during the check-in. How can marketers maximize this two minute window? Alex Lee, General Manager of atEvent, has an idea:

"The check-in phase is a critical part of the event sales lifecycle, and if you don't execute properly you'll miss out on valuable prospect opportunities and generate unqualified leads that lack context," said Lee. "The window of opportunity is extremely short at events, so marketers need to leverage solutions such as check-in apps to capture lead information in an automated fashion, and then engage in meaningful interactions so they can close the leads in a personalized way once the event is over."

Not only is the check-in among the longest interactions you'll have with attendees at events, but it's also your only chance to capture relevant contact information and prospect intelligence. The numbers show that this phase is equally as important toward driving sales leads as actual in-booth activity, so it needs to be treated on equal ground.

* Alex Lee is the General Manager of leading mobile event app solutions company atEvent. With more than a decade of experience in the interactive marketing, lead gen and mobile industry, Alex leads the organization's business and corporate development activities. Alex holds degrees in Management Science & Engineering and Computer Science from Stanford University.