Event Marketing Going Mobile

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Did you know the average attendee at a tradeshow or event owns more than three mobile devices, and 80% of their mobile time is spent using apps? Consider the facts as you're debating what areas of your event marketing strategies to prioritize.

The majority of attendees indicate that an enjoyable and informative mobile experience is the main factor in their decision to purchase or inquire about a product at an event.

Meanwhile, if you ask the experts, more than 20% of event industry professionals indicate that mobile apps will be the top priority investment for companies attending an event or tradeshow this year.

The takeaway for marketers is crystal clear. If you're not putting mobile at the top of your event priority list then you might as well forget about events all together! Just ask Alex Lee, General Manager of atEvent:

"Whether it's via a smartphone, tablet, notebook or any combination of these devices, today's event attendee is mobile in every sense.Today's attendee demands that companies they are interacting with at an event already know them by the time they show up at their booth. The solution for marketers lies within creating an integrated mobile app so that content is delivered quickly across all mobile touch points, customized to the preferences of the attendee, and educates them in their decision making process as they make the path to purchase."

* Alex Lee is the General Manager of leading mobile event app solutions company atEvent. With more than a decade of experience in the interactive marketing, lead gen and mobile industry, Alex leads the organization's business and corporate development activities. Alex holds degrees in Management Science & Engineering and Computer Science from Stanford University.

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