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Getting the Most Out of Your Events Within Events

Best Practices | Lead Capture | 3 min read

Savvy B2B organizations are always looking for ways to accelerate the sales pipeline. One highly effective tactic is creating an event within an event, which could be a pre-event breakfast, a cocktail hour, or a demo or breakout session at a conference. These smaller events within events provide your sales team with vital face time with target accounts and other high-value prospects. 

[Webinar Recap] Power Your ABM Strategy with Event Intelligence

Best Practices | Event Analytics | ABM for Events | 2 min read

In our recent webinar with Sirius Decisions, we cover why and how companies should be incorporating their event data and intelligence into their ABM strategy to deliver growth and improve sales productivity.

How Successful Sales Teams Make the Most of ABM

Best Practices | Event Analytics | ABM for Events | 8 min read

Did you know companies with tightly aligned sales and marketing teams are 67% better at closing deals? That’s why successful B2B sales teams are getting involved in ABM to switch from targeting leads to targeting the accounts they value the most.

5 Steps to Accelerate Sales Velocity from Events with HubSpot

Best Practices | Event Analytics | Lead Capture

Marketing professionals are often looking to improve their events strategy and find the tools and resources that can give them the best return on their hard work. atEvent CEO, Uzair Dada contributed to the HubSpot blog covering how Marketers can connect their lead capture tool with HubSpot to accelerate their sales velocity.

3 Steps to Get Your Manager to Buy-In to Event Lead Management

Lead Capture | 4 min read


Event marketing is a team sport, and a team can’t win if its players are not aligned. At this point, you’ve probably done quite a bit of research on Event Lead Management solutions and know it will make your job easier, more efficient and yield better results, but you still need to convince your team (and your boss).

Improving Event Lead Capture: Why Context Matters

Best Practices | Event Analytics | Lead Capture | 4 min read

How many times have you attended an event, had a great booth with an energetic staff, handed out popular swag and collected contact information from hundreds of leads, but still had an underwhelming amount of sales meetings as a result? It's not for a lack of trying, but a lack of context.

Guide to Event Lead Capture Methods

Best Practices | Event Analytics | Lead Capture | 6 min read

Trade shows, conferences and other professional events present a huge opportunity for businesses to make new contacts and begin nurturing promising prospects. Modern technology is making it easier to capture and act on event leads but many companies still haven’t embraced these new solutions.

Small Event Ideas That Can Bring in Highly Engaged Leads

Best Practices | Lead Capture | 5 min read


When it comes to event ROI, it’s not the number of leads you generate, but the number of high-quality leads. While you can’t beat national events for broad exposure, the Event Manager found that the vast majority of event organizers also plan seminars, workshops, dinners, focus groups, and trainings.