3 Steps to Get Your Manager to Buy-In to Event Lead Management

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Event marketing is a team sport, and a team can’t win if its players are not aligned. At this point, you’ve probably done quite a bit of research on Event Lead Management solutions and know it will make your job easier, more efficient and yield better results, but you still need to convince your team (and your boss).

But hope is not lost because we’re here to help you deliver that message.


The most important note to make when trying to convince your manager to adopt this new technology is that your goals and benchmarks are not always the same. While you might be sold on the simplicity of using a mobile lead management app, your manager could be more interested in the utility aspect of arming each team member with the ability to capture leads from their own mobile device or tablet.

To start convincing your manager to get atEvent, download our guide and follow the steps below.



Step 1: Show Excitement and Motivation

Just like laughter, excitement can be contagious too. Before you even approach your manager with the idea of adopting an Event Lead Management solution, let them know you’re excited and motivated to build on the current success of the team. Let them know what your goals are for this year, such as improving event ROI or Lead Quality. Your display of motivation is sure to get your manager in the right headspace as they take note of your enthusiasm and determination to get better results for the company.


Step 2: Start Dialogue About Your Manager's Pain Points

You already know your own pain points but now is the opportunity to find out what your Manager cares most about and needs in order to consider new technologies. Ideally, you’ll want to have multiple casual conversations with your manager opposed to a formal sit-down discussion, making the information you hear from them less filtered and more honest. Ask them what their biggest gripes are about events, what roadblocks they see the team facing, what goals they personally have, and what they would consider success for the team. Based on these conversations you can note what they’re focus and goals are, and how they choose to frame the challenges facing your team.


Step 3: Personalize Our Event Lead Management Solution Guide

After you’ve downloaded our Event Lead Management Solution Guide, you can take what you’ve learned from your conversations with your manager to highlight points made in the guide that directly relate to their pain points. Perhaps, in your conversations, you found out that one of your manager’s biggest gripes is having to train team members on how to use rental lead scanners at every event. Mention up top that you found an event capture app that can be used for all of your events, which would eliminate the recurring task of training teams before every event. Then you could go on to say that the app also has great lead management features that would make it easier for them to track the team’s success across every event, giving them reliable metrics to prove event ROI.


If you’re ready to show your manager why they need to adopt atEvent’s advanced Event Lead Management Solution, download our guide now.