'Socially Awkward' marketers should pay up at events for better results

Lead Capture, Event Marketing

Nearly 50% of tradeshow and event attendees indicate that social media is their primary channel to research business decisions.

Further, more than 20% of event marketers indicate that social media has the biggest impact on their sales goals and an overwhelming 60% indicated that social media was an effective lead gen tactic.

With all of these data points in mind, it should come as a surprise that only a small fraction of marketers' budgets are currently being spent on social media integration and monitoring strategies at events. In fact, 55% of marketers currently spend a mere $100 or less per month on these tools.

What does Alex Lee of atEvent think about all this?

"Social media remains the most critical channel for marketers to embrace when it comes to displaying their innovation and content, capturing feedback and making deeper connections with prospects at events. With tools such as customized mobile apps, marketers have the ability to leverage social media at all stages of the event lifecycle in order to engage their prospects before, during and after the event, turning one time prospects into lifelong brand loyalists."