Lead Gen Tips for Events

Best Practices, Event Marketing | 2 min read

As the title of our blog would suggest, the atEvent "In the Lead" blog was created to help you do just that... get ahead of the competition and "In the Lead" at your events!

In today's post we take a close look at one of the biggest pain points when it comes to events -- lead generation! Here are a few quick and easy tips to help you achieve a greater level of qualified leads generated at your events, as well as some best practices on how to convert those leads to customers once the event is over:

  • View All Your Representatives as Lead Capture Touch Points: What you need to realize is that everyone who is representing your company at an event is a lead-capture interface and touch point, and a potential source of business for you. Whether it's someone managing your booth, someone who's walking the trade show floor or someone who's networking with prospects at a cocktail party during your event, you need to get them laser focused on lead capture.
  • Follow-Up Time is of the Essence!: If you're going to be successful at generating and converting leads at your event then you absolutely need to figure out an effective process to follow-up on potential leads and enter them into your marketing automation or CRM systems while the interaction is still fresh in the prospect’s mind.
  • Think Intelligently When it Comes to Prospects!: Prospect intelligence is critical when it comes to effective lead gen at events. Make sure you are adding some color and context of the interactions that you are having with prospects into your system so that follow-up interactions are more meaningful and targeted.
  • Leverage Mobile to "Lead" the Way at Your Event!: Let's face it. The days of companies relying on badge-card scanners or lists at their events are crashing to a halt. If you haven't mapped out a mobile strategy to generate leads at events you better do so quickly. There are a ton of ways in which you can leverage mobile to generate leads at events -- whether it's via mobile sign-ins, uploading event content and agendas, or running special promos and offers for prospects. Whatever it might be, make sure mobile is a big part of your future event strategy!