4 Team Members Who Secretly Wish You’d Adopt a Lead Capture Solution

Lead Capture, Event Marketing | 6 min read


Driving successful event outcomes requires a huge effort from your entire team, and each member of that team wishes you would adopt an event lead capture solution already!


The events industry is huge and continuously growing, and the bigger an industry gets, it requires better technology to continue to run smoothly and successfully. Companies that are not adopting a modern lead capture solution are falling behind fast, and your event staffers have noticed. Here are the 4 staffers that wish you’d use a lead capture solution already and why.


Demand Generation Marketers

Bringing in new business opportunities can be stressful, and your marketers want to be able to test, analyze, and repeat until they find the right recipe. But it’s hard to run a test with a different, clunky rental lead scanner at every event, and even harder to analyze lead data when every event has a different qualification process with scanners that are severely limited in their data collection. Instead of perfecting a recipe, your marketers are stomaching a bad process that continues to age poorly. Your demand generation marketers are demanding better technology!


With a lead capture solution, your marketing team can customize key qualifiers to capture the data they need about the leads interested in your company and product. Not only can they capture better data on leads but your staffers will be able to qualify leads on the spot and sync those qualified leads with your MA/CRM system in real-time. The faster your marketing team can hand off leads to the sales team, the faster they can begin analyzing event data and lead insights, allowing them to adjust their strategy for future events.


Sales Reps

Sales wants one thing, and that’s sales-ready leads. If you ask someone in Sales, chances are they’ll agree that time is money, and they’d rather not spend that temporal length of existence currency talking to someone that just stopped by the event booth to collect something free and shiny. Okay, they probably wouldn’t phrase it that way, and instead simply say they wouldn’t want to waste their time, but you get the point.


As mentioned above, using a lead capture solution means your event leads get qualified on the spot, with that data syncing with your MA/CRM system in near real-time. This accelerates the entire process, not only for marketing but for your sales team as well. With lead data immediately syncing with your MA/CRM, fit with custom qualifiers that trigger post-event workflows, your sales team can quickly and efficiently prioritize their follow-up to connect with hot leads right away. And because lead capture solutions make it easy to include the full context of the event-floor conversation, your sales team is well-equipped to customize their follow-up approach to usher leads down the funnel.


Event Planners

Your event planners hate badge scanners. They’re clunky, they’re inconsistent, and there are far too few to go around at an event. If given the opportunity, your event planners would lock up badge scanners, throw away the key, and never look back. What they want is a solution that will drastically cut down training time and maximize the booth staff’s ability to capture leads.


Every one of your event reps should be armed with the same lead capture technology on their mobile device, instead of sharing a limited number of rental lead scanners. A lead capture solution ensures that booth traffic flows better (voice-to-text note transcription FTW) and every visitor can be engaged by empowering all of your event staffers to become lead generators. And by adopting a single lead capture solution for every event, your event planners can massively reduce the amount of time spent training staff members. Furthermore, your lead capture solution can provide lead insights to your event planners to help them prove event ROI and prepare for future events by making adjustments based on the data from their events.



Whether you're the Head of Marketing, the Director of Sales, a high ranking executive, or any of the team members listed here, you want a solution that will make lead capture at events easy and accelerates your sales velocity. Using a single lead capture solution at all your events will make your job easier and your event outcomes more fruitful through:

Event and Lead Insights

You want more data on your events, especially if you’re the one approving budgets, and an event lead capture solution gives you the lead data you need to determine whether your events were successful based on your own goals and benchmarks.

Sales and Marketing Alignment

An upgrade to your event lead capture will help Marketing and Sales work more closely together through tighter organization and collaboration. Sales will be happy with their high-quality leads, and Marketing will be happy not being blamed for bad leads. It’s a win-win!


Need more convincing? Or help to convince your boss? Pick up our free Guide for Redefining Event Lead Management, and make your events more profitable.