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Average ROI at events is 5X; time for marketers to stop being average!

Event Industry Insights | 2 min read

There are 34 tradeshows across the United States that are taking place this week alone. Did you know that for every dollar a company spends exhibiting at a tradeshow the average return on investment for that dollar is $4.99? This means that if you were to spend one dollar at every tradeshow that's going on this week you could expect to get nearly $170 back in sales for your organization!

Marketers identify sales as #1 priority at events, yet results don't add up

Event Industry Insights

According to Alex Lee, General Manager of atEvent, something just doesn't add up!

Event Expert Spotlight : Lori Hart and Melissa Arocha

Event Industry Insights | Event Marketing | 7 min read

We want you to come to the atEvent "In the Lead" blog to meet different influencers and trendsetters who are shaping the face of the event industry. So each month our team will be interviewing a different expert from all walks of the event industry -- event agency owners, brand marketers, lead gen and tech event experts, etc. -- to learn about their background, as well as what they're seeing out there in event land.

Lead Gen Tips for Events

Best Practices | Event Marketing | 2 min read

As the title of our blog would suggest, the atEvent "In the Lead" blog was created to help you do just that... get ahead of the competition and "In the Lead" at your events!

Welcome to the atEvent "In the Lead" blog

Event Industry Insights | 2 min read

Welcome to the atEvent "In the Lead" blog! If you’re one of the thousands of brand marketers, event planners or sales personnel who could benefit from a greater level of leads generated at events and improve conversions after the events are over, then you’ve come to the right place!