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CES: No Power? No Problem

Event Analytics | Lead Capture | 2 min read

Epic rain in the Las Vegas desert may have put events on hold for a couple hours, but it didn’t dampen the spirits of more than 175,000 attendees at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

What’s Hot in the Event Space in 2018? Tech, Tech, Tech.

Event Industry Insights | 4 min read

As CEO of an event technology company, it goes without saying that I attend a lot of events, large and small. Having been on both sides of the booth, I’ve seen it all: fishbowls brimming with business cards, branded beer koozies and mousepads, and event technology that runs the gamut. Across all these events, one thing remains clear—the event industry is booming.

When It Comes to Events, Avoid These 3 Pitfalls

Best Practices | Event Analytics | 3 min read

When was the last time you accurately measured the success of an event, let alone proven positive ROI? We’d venture to guess it’s been a challenge at your organization, and yet you continue to invest in events, year after year. It's okay, you’re not alone.

Dying to Ditch the Paper at Your Next Event? There’s an App for That

All the hard work to prepare for the Big Event is done, thanks partly to the knowledge you gained from Part 1 in our series, 5 Must-Know Tactics to Drive More Sales-Ready Leads from Events.

5 Must-Know Tactics to Drive More Sales-Ready Leads from Events

Best Practices | Lead Capture | 6 min read

For salespeople, events offer one of the best opportunities to connect with prospects face-to-face and further the sales conversation. Yet, many of us go into events underprepared, hoping to make headway with key accounts simply by virtue of being in the same room.

[INFOGRAPHIC] Tradeshow Giveaways: Goldmines or Garbage Generators?

Best Practices | Event Industry Insights

It’s a common conference sight: An organization offers a free lunch or giveaway in exchange for a badge scan or business card. While this might result in hundreds of new names for your sales team to pursue, what do you really get for your marketing spend?

Create Path from Event Planning to Sales with Event Intelligence

Best Practices | Event Industry Insights | 4 min read

At a typical medium-to-large event, your reps are engaged in dozens of conversations with prospects—whether at your booth, in a presentation, or over dinner. But only a limited amount of the intelligence gained from these interactions makes it back to the office.

Event Marketing Going Mobile

Event Industry Insights | Event Marketing | 2 min read

Did you know the average attendee at a tradeshow or event owns more than three mobile devices, and 80% of their mobile time is spent using apps? Consider the facts as you're debating what areas of your event marketing strategies to prioritize.